Hunting new business will never look difficult again
SalesStaff ExP model will increase your market reach, & have feet-on-the street in less than 10 days acquiring clients

Simplify. Leverage the skills of people, who are experts in their field. 

The best way to find, track and convert new paying customers is to use customised sales services designed by Total Business Solution with purpose built telemarketing & field sales solutions.
  • Provided by local professional team of callers and reps who are clear, concise and fluent in English.
  • Telemarketer working with customised scripts which work.
  • Sales person who spend time understanding the product & services they promote.
  • SalesStaff calling only at specific time of the day to maximise result.
  •  At significant lower cost.

It’s a proven business fact that if you were to share out requirements, your life would become simpler and you would be able to achieve more of your day.

Use Total Business Solution sales services to

-   Have the ability to enter the market quickly without wasting time hiring & training an in-house sales force

-   Expand into new markets with detailed information about what sales tactics work best where

-   Unsure on how to measure the success of your current sales – outsource to gauge success of your sales effort

-   Test new products and services without disrupting current internal sales force

-   Don’t depend on any one superstar rep

We have the skills and our only focus is to grow your business by getting on with doing the task on hand and finding you business referrals.