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New age sales tools?
With the advent of internet, then subsequently the bust of the bubble and the exposure of the social media, the concept of traditional way of doing business is gone to a new dimension, blurry to confusing.
The tradeoff between having a transactional less ( to a point) sales via the internet and having the traditional way of selling via a store, door knocking, trade shows and industrial sales have taken a beating.

Likewise the advertising tools relating to traditional and new age way of selling are realigning themselves too. Traditionally you advertised in the local paper, TV, Radio has given way to PPC to ad words and goggle search. Even the mid way media like yellow pages seem to be facing a tough road ahead of them.

So what do you now, where do you spend your marketing dollar?

I think the best way depends on the product you are selling and how you customer sees you as a company. So a certain level of brand value is critically important, however the attention span is getting very limited and cluttered.

Mostly what is been seen is the market place is an advent of “free”.

People want to trial, test and get quick feedback on the products and then buy at the cheaper/cheapest option which is most convenient for them. Everyone is looking for a deal but in the channel which is closest to him.

So my mantra is “who controls the channels is the king” as that is how a customer will buy.

Control your ideal channel and give exposure to your product and you will be seen above the chaos.

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