A Simple social media strategy
A friend send me this and I think this is awesome - just the right thing to do.
WEBSITE: The online brochure for your business; provides information, case studies, product information, samples and contact details.
BLOG: A tool to show your customers what you are working on and how you are working on it. Keeps your website fresh and drives new and repeat traffic to your site.
TWITTER: The online conversation between the company, staff and customers (existing and potential), fans and foes. A customer service tool, industry information tool and information aggregator.
LINKEDIN: The social network site for professional experience and expertise.

BULK EMAIL: Outbound communication, interaction and information sharing. Another driver to your site.

OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Bebo, YouTube, MySpace and others, designed for communicating with family and friends, or via company pages with fans and commentators.

SEARCH: Use search tools on existing social media platforms (like Twitter) and Google Alerts.