Helping you find paying customers daily



Cost effective sales

Our hands on sales does not cost the earth, while your business receives creative process build sales solutions



Sales calling made easy

 Our team of sales professionals actually talk to your customer face2face  that provides round the year coverage of   your market to support your customers.


Avoid tactical blues

We give businesses  the resources to keep an eye on their profitable accounts and continually develop new client’s  at the same time

 “The impact of losing new customer to competition for not been able to contact them regularly & unable to convert leads is among the biggest cause of  companies going out of business”  Get the peace of mind you need to be able to get on with your business.

Total Business Solution is one of New Zealand's leading sales solutions provider, purpose-designed for small to medium-sized New Zealand companies. 
From basic cold calling and new business development effort in the field through to sophisticated sales 2.0 CRM solutions, Total Business Solution has cost effective services for local companies need. Total Business Solution services is easy to clip on to your exiting sales activities and can be customised to suit every type of business. 

    Finding  new paying customers 
    24/7 without investing a dollar



Industry first ExP  solutions with traditional values and state of the art sales services.


Give you the flexibility to persue multi level strategies to test your business plans at the lowest transactional cost.