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Increase your sales

“The retail sector could be left in chaos and crucial sales refused if businesses fail to meet a deadline. Latest figures show 45,000 terminals have yet to be upgraded. The deadline for upgrading terminals is June 1, 2011”


The lead up to the deadline is the all important time to make sure your company is first to capture the market. Equip yourself and your sales staff with lead generation and appointment setting capability so you can be the star when you hire sales services provided by Total Business Solution.  

We will call the potential customers in advance and pre sell your services so they are pre sold to your product and services when your sales team visits or calls their decision maker.

Our sales services would give you:

  • Better closing rates
  • A more focused approach to selling your services
  • Save time of your sales person in selling to dead end leads
  • Motivate your sales person to generate additional revenue

To find out more about our services visit us on www.tbsservices .biz and email or call us on 09 5333 561

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Total Business Solution