TBS Online marketing solutions increase campaign efficiency and engages with your customers via multiple channels including Display, mobile, email, social and content ads

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Attract your Customers Quickly
Pay Per click

  1. Create successful online Ad's to appear at the right moment in front of your customers
  2. Increase business at a fixed budget.
  3. Target specific areas, regions, cities and countries depending on your business reach.
  4. And pay when they connect with you.

With TBS Online Marketing Services you will 

  • Take out the uncertainty from your Sales & marketing effort
  • Track, manage and reports on your online traffic to see actual sales conversion
  • Modify your online presence as you go - stop start your adverts depending on your budget and market performance
  • Advertise on all devices your customers is using – Desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet
  • Give yourself the ability to advertise locally or international to Grow you market.
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How TBS gets results

1. Identify the target market personna 

Knowing the needs of your target is vital, we create content depending on your prospects buying cycle and how best we can manage their pain points. Once we know what they are looking for we’re ready to put your services in front of them.
Online Marketing Specialists

2. Develop an acquisition campaign

We identify your key offerings and list the keywords relevant to your target market online. 
Research their key demographics and the adgroup most used by them and develop the plan which makes you stand out from your competition. 

3. Create Online Ads 

Write up your ads with keywords which makes your offer in-line with what they are looking for. 
Set your daily budgets and keep track of customers buying behavior

4. Prospects sees your Product Ads and Clicks to your website

Customers search online for keywords matching your services and your advert shows up above and next to your search results.

5. You get in front of New Customers

Once they click, they reach the landing page on your website or give you a call to find out more about you.
The great thing is you only pay when they take the action you want them to. 

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We achieve results for your business
  • Take the speculation out of your sales & marketing effort and get in front of your customer at the right moment. 
  • As a local online digital marketing specialists we know your market and will help you grow your business performance 
  • Test and measure customized campaigns, keeping in mind your digital business strategy, ensuring your web profile and presence gives profitable lead conversions 
  • We use advertising platforms which are closer to your target market – Google, Yahoo, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter ads 
  • We develop cutting edge reporting and tracking system to ensure you get value investment per click
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 1. Online Paid Advertising [Pay-per-click]

Successful campaigns are built on highly competitive AdWords auctions, Ad quality score and linking the right content to your customer’s need of the hour. TBS has this understanding with years of traditional sales & marketing experience, engaging face2face with your customer. Our campaigns are tested by fire and will beat your competition every time.   

2. SEO

SEO is not always easy and usually do not give you quick results with short term strategies. SEO done the right way needs to build content and website structure in line with your market needs. Instead of a ready to-do lists, our systems does market and competition review with audits and customer feedback to build a flexible system which results in positive customer engagement and traffic.

Do away with useless and misleading advice from firms who smooth talk you with not performing boiler plate tools and tie you into fixed term contracts.

3. Social Media Marketing

Over the last few years’ platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter has grown from after hour’s new fad to an aggressive business tool. Social Media Marketing involves high-quality content targeted towards niche audience directly connecting with your prospect 24/7. 

Interesting content and managing online reviews for your social programs is the best form of company PR and builds lasting direct relationships with your customer 

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Outcomes How it works | Benefits |  Services | Get started


  1. Get results – no visits no charge
  2. No minimum start budget 
  3. No fixed term contracts
 Search Ads  $ 150 per ad Group 
 Display Ads  $ 250 per cycle
 Re-Targeting  $ 300 per cycle
 Reporting  $ 100 per cycle
 Social Media Marketing    $ 1500 per cycle
  • Set up charges will apply +
  • AdWords cost paid directly to the provider
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Outcomes How it works | Benefits |  Services | Charges

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 More Customer Shape Awareness with Online Ad's + Build Profile by Developing Good Content  

  • We will set up your account with your preferred ad group
  • Build a customized campaign, and set up your ad depending on your target customer’s requirements on a fixed budget. 
  • You pay as you go when the customer contacts you. 
Our team of online specialists will assist you attract more customers

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