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10 tips to increase traffic to your website

posted Jan 14, 2015, 12:59 AM by Sanjiv Deva   [ updated Jan 15, 2015, 2:14 PM ]

Most businesses who use a website to attract new business need to improve their page ranking seoon the search engine [Google, Bing, Yahoo]. Increasing page result means more clicks, which means more potential customers finding their way to your website

The most economical way to improve your ranking is by using Search engine optimization [SEO] tools

SEO needs a bit of effort and “online” thinking to attract traffic. Check out my 10 basic tips to get started

1. Find out how does your web site rate

 It is very important to be able to analyse if your website content is readable by a person and will they be able to access the content without facing compatibility issues. From a technical point of view, the accessibility to a website is very critical i.e. can the search engine crawl the content of your site digitally?

So first step is to do a website review – A site audit will give you a Manual readability and technical accessibility rating. A starting point for your online optimization action plan.

2. Review the quality of your content

Design and place the right content with the right set of words [Keywords] with in your website – URLs, tittle, page description, and paragraph structure. Think like your prospective customer - what search term would they be using for finding information on the product or service you offer.

Be careful not to over crowd the page with same words, its frowned upon by the search engines and called keyword stuffing.

3. Content back links

Put out the word of you website by having other people writing and talking about your site and services and have the written content linked back to your web site.

Say for example my business Total Business Solution provides sales services and does  SEO Audits for businesses in New Zealand. See how I have used hyperlink on key words which link back to my website. Using such hyper linked text on other related websites will not only increase website traffic but also help your SEO ranking

You can sign up with local online directories to improve back links. Do not use back link farms and non-related sites links.

4. Create a sitemap

This is technical part of SEO – make a map of your main pages you want Google to index, it make it easier and faster for the search engine spider to find and search your site.

5. Avoid Flash

Flash is a nice piece of technology and makes you website look good, however it’s not good for your SEO. Things like frames, flash and Ajax are not recorded by the search engine spider and have a negative aspect for your SEO ranking. If you must use these tools then place the links below the fold.

6. Image descriptions

Search engine bots can only search content text and nothing else, which means a pages with nice images may look great design wise however would not help improve your SEO score. Add an ALT tag with keyword rich description about the image

7. Content

Ensure you keep updating you website content regularly – keep it fresh. This is important for improving traffic. Not only does it have the prospective customer coming back for more information but this also gives other websites and content managers reason to link to your quality content

8. Social Media

This is the silent star of the SEO building, it helps build your brand awareness as well as direct traffic to your site.  Critically it improves your online footprint to grow your network.

9. Share content

Share office activities like staff picnic photos and product launch information along with good quality information created by other websites which may be useful to your network. It helps build new content for repeat traffic, adding personality to your website

10. Create a frequently asked question page or an online support platform

Best way to explain this is, for example you’re a software developer and specialize in financial software called finpower for the loan market. Your perspective customer probably would like to know how much does it cost, or what sort of equipment [Laptop, server] they need to host the software. By answering questions you help your sales pipeline and make yourself an authority on the topic, giving reason for potential customers to come to your website, which in turn improves your ranking.

If you have any questions or what to use our SEO Audit services. Please contact Sanjiv at sanjiv@tbsservices.biz or visit our website www.tbsservices.biz