Frequently asked question on sales in New Zealand

I want to target the SME market in New Zealand? How do I engage with my target market to capture the right clients?

The short answer is – Start with a sales and marketing – business plan in which you clearly identify your niche. Test your offering with a sample size and keep telling your story to an increasing market as often and practical as possible.

The long answer

  1. Identify your clients buying process, clearly identifying the trigger events which converts them from the cold database to a warm prospect with a profile and a specific requirement, who is keen to purchase your product and services.
  2. Select multiple marketing methods by which you can surround the client with information which offer the ideal value for his pain and how you’re the best solution for his needs. Remember people buy value not benefits or features.
  3. Now identify a singular sales method and range of activities within it, that will get you in front of the decision maker or their influencer. Depending on your offering’s complexity, try to front up to a larger groups of potentials than individual contacts to present your value propositions.
  4. Balance your communication to be regular comfortable “touches” which are acceptable to the prospect. Quickly shutting out aspects of sales which carry negative impressions.
  5. Measure and monitor your interaction at every level so you can tune and assign resources depending on the impact you’re making with the target market. Last thing you need is to spend time connecting, but let your competition close the sale. Clearly identify the task champion who is responsible for the entire sales and marketing activity, otherwise you’re setting yourself for failure.

In our next review, I will talk about sales methods which are most effective in New Zealand – What are different ways to generate new leads in New Zealand?

Sanjiv Deva is the General Manger of Total Business Solution, You can find out more about him and their sales services at www.tbsservices